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From the trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey", the term Grey'd describes sexual acts consisting of kinky fuckery, such as handcuffs, restraints, bondage, whips etc. Any sort of BDSM action during sex.
Girl1 "Oh my god, you've got bruises on your wrists! What happened?"

Girl2 "I was at Christian's place last night and got Grey'd....HARD! It was so hot."
by WickedLittleGirls July 05, 2012
When something or someone has the potential to be a hoe.
Val : Look at my Halloween costume!
Erika: There's definite hoetential there, just lose the excess clothing!
by WickedLittleGirls October 21, 2009
When a male forgets to do/accomplish/remember something because he is with his "bros" and was preoccupied.
Girlfriend: "You stood me up on our date last night! What the heck happened?!"

Boyfriend: "Sorry baby, I brogot. Me and the guys were playing Madden09 all night."
by WickedLittleGirls June 24, 2010

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