An extremely strong relationship between two females that resembles that of a bromance but does not contain homoerotic overtones.
Dang, those two girls are always together, what a hoemance!
by jewbacca13 November 09, 2010
Used to describe a display of affection occurring between two or more non-lesbian females. This display is precipitated by a moderate to heavy level of alcohol consumption and can be observed in almost any bar or party setting in which females are present.
Girl 1: "Seriously Jessca I fuckking love you you are like the prettiest girl everr"
Girl 2: "Ohmigod Krissy honestly you are like my favorite girl to party with I effing heart your life"
(Fervent grinning and hugging)
Observer 1: "What sloppy hoemance"
Observer 2: "How hoemantic"
by sillary July 18, 2009
love and affection shared by two straight women
John: "Wow, those two girls are always together"
Dave: "it's cool, they are just enjoying their hoemance"
john: "what the fuck is a hoemance?"
Dave: "ya know, like a bromance, but for women, they love each other with out LOVING each other"
John: "ohhh...thats kinda dykish"
by pentogram April 15, 2009
Describes the complicated relationship between two straight females who are both sexually promiscuous.
God I love that Hoe, I would nibble on her bits! To bad were involved in a hoemance.
by KBell1234 May 14, 2009
a romantic entanglement between female best friends; bromance for women.
Catherine: Alexa, i wish there was a way to describe our relationship
Alexa: it's a beautiful case of hoemance Catherine, cherish it.
by alexa noelle November 25, 2008

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