When women get together and act like hoes. Such as trying to make a man in a relationship cheat, give them money, or split apart a man's friends by saying things like "bromance" or acting like a guy having friends is "gay" or taboo. They are also not afraid of making false rape allegations to save a few bucks.
Joe: "Did you hear about those girls who tried to say the taxi driver sexually assaulted them so they could get out of paying their cab fare?"
Bob: "Yeah. They got a hoemance going."
by Men's Rights Advocate # 3 October 19, 2013
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when a couple both cheats on eachother, but still date
she is a hoe.
and adam also!

Theres a whole hoemance going on
by polevaulter11 April 25, 2012
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A word invented by Gretal Killeen on Rove. An equivilant of a bromance, including two girls who share a sisterly, non-romantic love.
Jessica: Those girls are like sisters, I wish I could have a hoemance like that with my friends.
by Lauren shyaaa ! April 27, 2009
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kinky relationship between hot russian and polish muslims in bed
oh my goddd, alina and emily are in such a sexy hoemance. get it in girlz
by kittiecatz August 19, 2011
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Function: noun/intransitive verb

Inflected Form(s): hoe·manced; hoe·manc·ing; hoe mantic

Etymology: One of the many products of the women's rights movement, they wanted their own version of ' Bromance '

Date: 2014

The female equivalent of bromance. Describing a strong and vibrant friendship between two straight women, the term hoemance combines the words, "hoe," and, "romance."
"Becky is incredible , just is smart, witty and awesome to be around. Her and I have a pretty obvious hoemance"
by DownsydromeDanny May 03, 2014
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a romantic entanglement between female best friends; bromance for women.
Catherine: Alexa, i wish there was a way to describe our relationship
Alexa: it's a beautiful case of hoemance Catherine, cherish it.
by alexa noelle November 25, 2008
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When 2 slutty people are attracted to each other for purely physical reasons, but aren't actually in a relationship.
Kerry: Hey Alice, have you seen those 2 on Facebook? They're always flirting...

Alice: Yeah, they're so slutty though! I reckon they must be in a hoemance.
by ALICEHARRIS July 09, 2011
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