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Usually used between two girls. Similar to calling your friend a slut in a joking manner.

pl:hoe nannies
Girl 1: "Dude, those boys are so cute. I wanna hook up with that one"
Girl 2: "You hoe nanny!"
by Chris15988 December 30, 2008
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The Nanny of the hoes. Someone who runs and owns the hoes.
The owner of the whorehouse was such a great hoe-nanny that all of the hoes confided in her.
by SexyMamaLama July 08, 2007
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Matriarch of prostitutes. Often used as an insult. Implies that the person be insulted is an experienced hoe-bag.
Man chill out, stop being such a Hoe-nanny
by Xelarick August 18, 2010
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