Usually used between two girls. Similar to calling your friend a slut in a joking manner.

pl:hoe nannies
Girl 1: "Dude, those boys are so cute. I wanna hook up with that one"
Girl 2: "You hoe nanny!"
by Chris15988 December 30, 2008
Top Definition
The Nanny of the hoes. Someone who runs and owns the hoes.
The owner of the whorehouse was such a great hoe-nanny that all of the hoes confided in her.
by SexyMamaLama July 08, 2007
Matriarch of prostitutes. Often used as an insult. Implies that the person be insulted is an experienced hoe-bag.
Man chill out, stop being such a Hoe-nanny
by Xelarick August 18, 2010
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