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To masturbate, knock one off the wrist, to wank. Especially related to so doing in the toilets of aeroplanes or into ones cap. Related to the exploits of the Peruvian cricket manager of said name.
Excuse me stewardess I was just having a hodgy. I wouldn´t put that cap on vicar I had a hodgy in it earlier.
by New Street November 22, 2010
Someone who is really cool, talented, usually good looking and bit of a 'don'.
that guy is so hodgy
by bhybgt April 25, 2011
gay, homosexual, likes males, is sexually active with men.
you are such a hodgy some times.
by Jamescraig. February 11, 2008
Considerbaly better than you
Hodgy is considerably better than you
by behenchord May 13, 2003