verb. To eat with gusto like you haven't eaten in days. To scarf.
noun. An event where hodgering took place.
Bill: Man look at that spread! We should seriously hodger some of those lamb chops!

Fred: Yes indeed. This will be a serious hodger indeed.
by Trippss January 23, 2008
A Texas version of Hajji (see hajji)
SGT Chavarria: Hey Arocho, look at all those hajjis coming into the base. What do you think they are up to?

SPC Arocho: I dunno Chav, must be seeking revenge for that time SGM yelled at dem hodgers we had sweepin in our office, to get to cleaning his desert SUV on the double.

SGT Chavarria: Yeh or maybe when he had their backs spray painted with 'STAY ARMY' haha! oh shit RPG! Take cover! damn hajjis!!
by Mike 'earl' Arocho July 29, 2005
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