To be fucked (usually a female) in either a frenzied, horrific or violently passionate way. To be hodged is to be taken roughly and used in the most carnal ways imaginable. This however, is not an act of violence or of non-consensual sex, being hodged is an emotion-fueled and extremely physical experience often resulting in bruises, scratches and bite-marks.

It can also be applicable in rape-fantasy roleplay where the act of being taken without consent, within the confines of the fantasy only, is to be have been "hodged".
Shes definitely getting hodged later

Im pretty sure he hodged her last night
by garybiscuit March 31, 2011
Top Definition
When Apple releases a new model of the computer you just bought a week (or earlier) after your purchase.
Jim: "Oh man, I bought my Macbook Pro last week and just today Apple released a newer updated model." *sadface*
Scott: "Dude, you totally got Hodged!"
Jim: "You're so right, Scott."
by svinkle September 05, 2008
To get completely done over; so much so that you are laughed at continuously for hours on end by your so-called "friends".
You got hodged!

You recieve an email from your "friends" pretending to be the manager of a relatively large clothing manufacturing company, telling you they are interested in ordering some of your fire graffiti t-shirts. You find out it is a fake. You just got Hodged.
by Fruit Of The Loom Ltd July 05, 2009
When a new administrator comes in and changes everything, pissing everyone off.
Dude, your school was Hodged.
by iReject September 29, 2011
27.9; when you are skeeted out of ANYTHING; when you are tricked into giving something and then lied to about receiving something in return; being such a good dj that you literally become god in some countries; one-upping someone in reverse (i.e. he said $325/oz, fine then ill do $323); bluffing bullshit prices until your custies agree to pay it
so i was weighin him out an 8th, but he looked away--3.4. you got hodged.
the window man at mcdonald's gives you an extra large fry, two fries short. when did hodge start working at mcdonald's?
...whaaaat? hahaha
by coleycole April 07, 2011
To get owned. As said by Det. Hodges on "The Good Guys".
You just got Hodged!!
by elbigote November 07, 2010
To be taken advantage of in a homosexual nature. Sneaking up from behind and saudomizing ones anus.
Last night I was so drunk I think I got hodged

Stop hodging me and just frigg off
by Bubbles78787 December 28, 2009
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