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To be fucked (usually a female) in either a frenzied, horrific or violently passionate way. To be hodged is to be taken roughly and used in the most carnal ways imaginable. This however, is not an act of violence or of non-consensual sex, being hodged is an emotion-fueled and extremely physical experience often resulting in bruises, scratches and bite-marks.

It can also be applicable in rape-fantasy roleplay where the act of being taken without consent, within the confines of the fantasy only, is to be have been "hodged".
Shes definitely getting hodged later

Im pretty sure he hodged her last night
by garybiscuit March 31, 2011
When a person is so intoxicated they can't stand properly or speak without mumbling incoherrantly, usually a result of alcpholor drug-taking.

The complete opposite of sobriety.
Jesus did you see Chris on Friday night, he was well dixoned!

I cant wait for the weekend, two days of getting completely dixoned!
by garybiscuit March 31, 2011

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