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A choice between an alternative that is awful and one that is unacceptable. Usually defined as "no choice at all," since one of the choices is likely to be totally unacceptable (death, starvation, death of a loved one held hostage, insolvency).
A person whose relatives have been taken hostage is faced with the Hobson's choice of rewarding someone who attacked his family, and having his relatives killed because of decisions he made.
by Abu Yahya May 05, 2010
Having no choice at all
A horse that your dumb ass horse trainer won't let you buy, but you love him and buy him anyway and she kicks your ass (and his horsey ass) out of the barn. And you have no choice but to leave, she was a lazy money grubing trainer anyway so it is no big deal.
by Nickel and a dime April 14, 2005
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