The extreme and utter fear of hobos, or the homeless. This is usually caused by the lack of exposure to the homeless throughout the world. A dose of homelessness is an easy cure to hobophobia.
"Ah! I have hobophobia!"
by Ian D. Rehn May 27, 2008
Coined by the popular punk group NOFX, the term hobophobia refers to an irrational fear of homeless people, or 'bums'. One often cited reason is that they 'drink too much lysol'.
I am afraid of that bum.
Wow, you are so hobophobic.
by Andy Jones April 18, 2005
the fear that whenever you see a hobo you automatically think he will get up and stab you in the balls/vagina; the fear of homeless bozos will rape you.
Guy 1: "I has hobophobia!"
Guy 2: "Whats that?"
Guy 1: "Oh, I'm afraid some homeless person is going to stab me in the dick."
Guy 2: "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!"
by DethmongeR117 December 13, 2012
An irrational fear of tramps
'OMG- the way that tramp looked at us!' 'Relax, you got hobophobia or what?'
by allgoodmatt December 27, 2008
the fear of being seen as homeless
He needs to buy new clothes everyday, i think he's got hobophobia.
by Mike Monsport September 30, 2007
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