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Gay Tramp
"Oh my god did you see that hobomo?"
"Ye he's such a gay tramp!"
by AntONiOSpAiN August 14, 2008
gay hobo...pretty straight foward, eh?
I was chillin with charlie, and this hobomo tried to grab my ass, very unsettling.
by l2enton July 18, 2005
A homeless gay person (a hobo homo). Different from a homobo in that a hobomo is predominately homeless and maybe only somewhat gay. Could switch to women in the future, but will always sleep on park benches.
I wonder if there are any hobos living in those bushes? What if they are gay, like hobomos?
by cletusvanndamme March 11, 2008
Mix of hobo and homo. A gay homeless person.
Look at those two male homeless people making out.
Wow. They are such Hobomos
by bleepychick September 25, 2010