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Sexy! This chick is one hot person. She is totally hilarious and bleepy. She's sick minded and awesome. No rules can stop her from doing anything. Loves animals. Creative. Hippy. Possible future playboy bunny.
Bob: That's so sexy!
Fred: ikr! It's so Courtney Taylor Hartley!
by bleepychick September 25, 2010
A place. Mix of Egypt and India. Pronounced ee-jin-dee-a
Where are you from?

I'm English!
Oh, I'm Egyndian!
by bleepychick September 28, 2010
Mix of hobo and homo. A gay homeless person.
Look at those two male homeless people making out.
Wow. They are such Hobomos
by bleepychick September 25, 2010
Sexy, awesome and funny. This word is not worthy to be used on just anyone or anything.
That movie is so bleepy!
I love that website, it's really bleepy.
She's so very bleepy.
by bleepychick September 25, 2010
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