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1)To be Hobo-like.
2)To be So broke, You can't afford the time of day...
3)To use milk crates as furishing in and to use Free AOL CD's as coaters and Dishes in ones home.
1) "Damn, that chicks dress is Hoboic..."
2) "Hey Bob, Wanna go to the Free Hotdog Picnic?"
"Naw, man. I too hoboic to be able to afford that..."
3) When you plan your next Furnature shopping spree using a Garbage Day Schedual Calender.
by PoisoN InfectiouS August 03, 2006
Being or dressing like a hobo on the mean streets, smelling like shit for weeks and not bathing.
Wearing clothes for more than 5 days straight not cleaning it and it's all dirty and shit.
Yo man, yous be a hoboic mutha fucka, all dirty and smelling like shit, shit.
by Kung Faux Fahey August 26, 2007
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