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Real Name: Marc Hobin

The biggest queer in the history of queers. Quotes included to back up my argument:

"Teach me to hax." (repeat over the course of two weeks)
"only woman hold grudes." (two typos = fun for all)
"You're only capable of 'hacking', through freaking."
"I have a life! I have two girls, who like me." ('girls', eh?)
"You should hold the internet at ransom."
"Make a program, that kills computers when you type 'hi'."
"In case you didn't notice, I signed it as Dr. E. Jaculate."

"Hobinator sucks."
"You're a Hobinator."
" sucks."
"You're a"
"Hob is here...
he is queer...
"Wait! Marc HOBIN? I thought his name was Krandall!"
by M. LeCon April 12, 2005

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