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Heart of a thug.
Juan: dude. I'm heart broken

Pedro: loser, i got H.O.A.T, i catch no feelings
by Magiclokz April 17, 2010
Another word for hoar as in hoar for whore.
Word was created by mistake via a msn conversation when trying to type hoar it came out as hoat.
You are such a hoat Kyle!
by aleeshamadridista December 12, 2010
Similar word instead of hot, but with the same meaning said with a funnier expression.
Dude 1: You see that broad over there?

Dude 2: Hoatttttttt
by JohnRon February 10, 2012
a vietnamese person who thinks about sex 24 -7 and likes to masterbate
i'm a type of person who likes to hoat all night long
by DX March 31, 2005
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