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Write numerous comments or post all over someones Facebook wall.
"I just hoarded all over your wall"
by Crackie19 August 16, 2011
1. A term used by the prototypical white kid from Montana to sound intimidating when using the word "hard";

2. of or pertaining to the firmness of one's physical composition;

3. A means of surviving a car accident;

4. a way in which one can ball;
How hoard is my Quiksilver outfit?

Man, if I was only as hoard as Brad Pitt wearing a white t-shirt.

These weeks at the gym have made me hoard.

You would have died after the first 23 flips, good thing im hoard.

Damn you look sick in those hilfiger pants and fubu threads. Your ballin' out hoard tonight!

by Tanner Falcon January 29, 2006
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