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After a long night of drinking and can't wait or just don't want to wait. You just whip it out and let it flow as you walk along. Congratulations. You are now a street cleaner.
We just saw a street cleaner leaving his mark all over the sidewalk on our way home from the bar.
#street #cleaner #streetcleaner #piss #urine #public #urination #mark #marking
by thepiercedweirdo October 13, 2010
the act of dragging your penis against someone's body while at the same time ejaculating
Jimmy: want to go do a street cleaner?

Bob: no. last time i got all messy
#street cleaner #jizz #penis #gross #sex
by willywanker69 December 02, 2010
Is were u wape your buttaxe after your done pooping and you have to poop more.thus street(streak) clean for it to get dirty again,and more traffic(poop) to come threw
Dude i was taking a shit,then thinking i was done, it turned out to be a street cleaner
#street #cleaner #poop #buttaxe #shit
by Nickolas Smitty August 06, 2008
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