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A lazy person who doesnt do any work for themselves and mooches off their friends. Combination of hobo and bum.
Michael: I asked Allyssa to pick me up on the way and she said it was too much work, even though its not any extra driving.
Tom: Yea shes sucha ho-bum.
by thatlazyasian September 15, 2011
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Homeless bum that refuses to work. They're homeless because they are a bum. Mix of the word hobo and bum.
Boy 1: Did you see that hobum today?
Boy 2: ya! he was taking a hagoo on the street!
Boy 1: That's disgusting.
by hagoola April 06, 2011
Noun; A combination of the word 'hobo' and 'bum'. A person who is any of the following: Lazy, a moocher, a person who doesn't seem to do much.
Allyssa was a total bum, but Michael was a ho-bum.
by ultimatebum September 15, 2011

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