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1. The sickest girl ever, hilarious and bangin.

2. Term for a hot girl.
1. Allyssa is so amazing.

2. That girl is such an Allyssa.
by coooooolkiddd October 15, 2008
a very pretty young lady who dresses fashionable and loves her friends. she can get hateful but she winds up always being friendly
did you see that chick?
yeah she was a real allyssa.
by yourmomasvagina April 01, 2010

1. Rubs elbows with the big guns; however does not characterize friendships based on level of fame.

2. Her level of coolness tends to intimidate others.

3. Has odd style, but can pull it off.

Complete opposite of shitty people
1. Justin Timberlake called Suzy tonight, but she already had plans with her best girlfriend, so she turned him down; that was a real Allyssa she pulled!

by Chatty McChatpants September 08, 2008
Allyssa is the coolest/chillest chick around. She has a tendancy to be crazy sometimes, but she always keeps her class. She knows how to dress well. Her name is not pronounced "Alissa" it is either "Eliza" or (uh-lice-uh) . Get it straight before she comes at you! She is exteremely sexy, attractive, and beautiful inside AND out. She's either asian of a pacific islander. She has a grade point average of 3.5-4.0. She's extremely funny and fun to be around. She's probably the most adorable thing you'll ever meet. Allyssa is true to her friends. She's loyal & trustworthy. She'll keep her feelings to herself though. She's has a smile tattooed to her face at ALL times. She's the only girl that can handle having a guy friend without being to touchy or attached. She has never experienced public school. And knowing her parents, she'll never even go near a public school.
by waterbottles08 April 03, 2011
Allyssa is a beautiful girl with an ideal personality. Athletic, smart, pretty, funny, enthusiastic, out going, and an all around great person.

She's a really good friend and will go out of her way to help others.

Majority of Allyssa's in the world are in a relationship. She attracts a lot of good looking men, but doesn't really care about them unless they mean something to her. She is loyal to her significant other, but does not look like she is.

when Allyssa breaks up with her boyfriends, a herd of boys will come running after her.

She gives a helping hand to those in need. Whenever, whereever, she's always there.

She has a nice style, fashionable, but conservative. Doesn't like revealing clothes.

She has many abnormal moments that causes people to be weirded out by her.

An allyssa is either short or tall. Never medium height.
Very petite. Clear skin.

Allyssa may seem like a good girl, but when the night comes, she has a tendancy to turn into a party animal.

She will only get mad if you give her a reason to be.
Boy:"Dayuuum, have you met that girl Allyssa yet?"
Boyfriend:"Yeah. That's my girl, back off"
by toasterstroooodz August 10, 2012
pretty girl with clear blue eyes, slightly blonde hair, bushy eyebrows, freckles, and hugeeeeee ears!
is that dumbo?
no thats allyssa!
by socalresidence October 12, 2008

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