The noise or word used when something or someone is very very very attractive or desirable. Or a greeting used by Tumblr users on Omegle to find fellow hipsters to follow.
Stranger: hnng
You: hnnnnng
Stranger: <333
You: URL?
You: followed!
by hnnngtumblr May 16, 2010
Hnng is something said to a person at Omegle to know whether that person has a Tumblr or not.
You: This is mine
Stranger: Fuckin' cool dude
by Omnious101 May 19, 2010
1. the sound a person makes when they are trying to poop while constipated

2. the sound a person makes when they are trying to describe a strenuous situation, usually accompanied by/with some sort of body language (ie. facial expressions, hand movements)
oh now I'm scared *hnng* *flails arms*
by ShadowRunnerKyt May 01, 2005
A secret code typed on Omegle by Tumblr users. If two users came across each other using this code, they would swap URLs and follow each other.

Started Sunday, May 16.
You: hnng
Stranger: hnng
You: :D
You: whats ur url?
You: cool
Stranger: kk i'm following you, you should follow me
by Bywt May 18, 2010
The word Tumblrian people use on Omegle to find other Tumblrians. Easy as pie.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hnnnnnnnnnnnggggg
You: YES
Stranger: hnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg
by @angrysex May 16, 2010
Something tumblr users say; meaning "you follow me, I'll follow you?"
Tumblr guy 1: hnng?
Tumblr guy 2: hnng!
Tumblr guy 1: what's your url?
Tumblr guy 2: -insert url-
Tumblr guy 1: Great! Followed.
by luvs 2 tumbl 4lyf May 17, 2010
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