High Maintenance Punkin'

Pet name for when your wife spends a lot of money.

Or buys more things she already has, just newer models.
"I'm going to build a new closet for for my HMP's boots and clothes"
by Concerned Husband November 02, 2013
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Top Definition
hit my phone
he hmp earlier, but i'm not fuckin wit him right now
by bmore-ryder July 03, 2011
A form of sighing when you dont have anything better to say.
Hmp, I'm bored.
by Omgitsariel August 25, 2009
Used for describing a CS player with perfect awareness, aim and game sense.
"That guy just wiped a team by himself using only 5 bullets! He must be hMp!"
by imhotep January 23, 2013
Her Majesty's Prison

Exmaple 1: Just got out of the HMP for minor charges.
by Paranoid Tiger October 15, 2011
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