High Maintenance Punkin'

Pet name for when your wife spends a lot of money.

Or buys more things she already has, just newer models.
"I'm going to build a new closet for for my HMP's boots and clothes"
by Concerned Husband November 02, 2013
Her Majesty's Prison

Exmaple 1: Just got out of the HMP for minor charges.
by Paranoid Tiger October 15, 2011
Acronym for: Humping My Pillow

when someone is pushed to extreme boredom and has no one around to please them...
Yo so bored... hmp.
by HMP_ALL_DAY69 April 24, 2011
help me please

help me please is usally used pretty much... if u need help
and some people could use it as a trick
logo405: dude, this kid is gonna beat me up! hmp!
lilcritter42: ok
by kevin =) February 10, 2008
Honeymoon Phase: the period in any relationship/event/goings on/etc. when everything is dreamy, and you don't actually see the bad in anything.

Do not say HMP phase.
Ughh, look at those lovebirds holding hands. Still in the HMP.


Girl, once the HMP ended, I got outta there so fast!
by VjustV August 12, 2011

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