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a sound a person makes after he or she says something that they want to do or do to somebody.
Hey! Lets go to that party and get shit faced!& leave with some random guys! hmmmmm??! :) hahah
by badassical December 15, 2009

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When someone says or does something shit...really shit, you must reply (very loudly) HMMMMM!

Randon Guy: Jim Morrison isn't that good...
Me: HMMMMM!!!!
by The Real BB October 12, 2007
hmmmmm- evilness
hmmmmm jenny is eveil, maybe to eveil
by jake April 12, 2003
when one looks to another and goes 'hmmmm'
Spencer and Cory were talking spencer said 'Hmmm' they laughed
by Cory August 10, 2004