Network engineer for all the rare woodland creatures, north of the boarder, usually found around the Niagara falls region driving a pimped out corvette. Be cautious when confronting the "hjalmar" his bite is mightier than his bark.
There goes another Hjalmar! Trying to fix another broken network!
by Aeroteck May 23, 2013
Top Definition
Extremely sexy and handsome male. Usually has a huge dick and a very muscular body. The Hjalmar is often seen in company of multiple women, and is a frequent smoker of weed and other drugs. Studies have also shown that the Hjalmar is addicted to playing bass heavy music at obnoxiously high volumes, much to the irritation of the people around him. A Hjalmar is also very wealthy, and often owns a lot of expensive items such as branded clothing and high-end electronic devices.
I fucked Hjalmar last night, his dick was huge!

If i could be anyone on earth, i would be Hjalmar.

Oh look, it´s Hjalmar, he´s sooo hot!
by jimbo420 September 09, 2014
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