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When you act like Hitler. Things like Nazi Saluting, and shouting Sieg Heil. Or maybe Marching
Guy 1: Why is that guy marching around, saluting, and shouting stuff in German?

Guy 2: Ignore him... He's just Hitlering!

Weirdo: SIEG HEIL!

Guy 1+2: Umm... Stop Hitlering!!!
by Musclemouth February 05, 2009
3 9
The act of picking one's own ass and smearing the poop on another's upper lip, giving them the appearance of a Hitler mustache
Jim: You'll never guess what I did last night!

Bob: What?

Jim: You know Bill? When he was sleeping last night, I hitlered him!

Bob: What's hitlering?

(enter Bill)

Bill: What are you guys talking about? And why does the room smell like ass?

by Vitamins&STDs November 21, 2009
29 15
v. The act of trapping another in a bathroom while you defecate, thus causing your fumes to render the victim unconscious.
Person 1: What do you mean you Hitlered the baby?

Person 2: He was in the bathroom while I took a shit. I thought he was sleeping. I didn't realize I was hitlering him.

Person 1: WTF?
by xTEAMRYMAx September 20, 2009
9 2
A prank common among guys sleeping in some kind of dorm: where the last person awake rubs shit on their finger and rubs it under their sleeping freinds nose giving them a Hitler Moustache
I kicked him out of my apartment, he kept hitler-ing me.
by psycho-punk84 February 17, 2010
7 2
Holding your pointer finger and your middle finger to your nose making a hitler mustache and holding your arm diagonal like a nazi
Josh and Nicky were hitlering
by Nicky2244 February 13, 2014
0 1
This word is !always! used in combination with "around" since this is an attempt to correctly translate the German expression "rumhitlern".
If someone is: extremely angry, fault-finding, arguing, running someone down, really getting worked up about something, or just generally freaking out about something, that person is hitlering around.
1. Employee A: "Hey what was that guy's problem, man ?"
Employee B: "Dunno, he was just hitlering around because we wouldn't accept his credit card."

2. Employee A: "What was that guy just hitlering around for ?"
Employee B: "Oh, because we wouldn't accept his credit card."

3. HER: "I thought we had a serious relationship! I thought you love me!? So why the hell did you... "
HIM: "Stop hitlering around - I already told you I didn't do it ! ! !"
by 83rd Inf. Reg. August 02, 2008
7 9
That is when you get done doing a girl in the ass you wipe your dick you her upper lip
would are you doing, I am hitlering you
by Jordan Hesse April 21, 2005
11 19