A homosexual anti-semite/racist who gleefully committed genocide and started World War II

An inspiration for most of the Muslim world

What mohawked teenagers think their parents, teachers, local police officers and all authority figures are as bad as
Hitler bunged Himmler and then gassed 100,000 Hungarian Jews in one day.

Osama is like Hitler with more facial hair

Mom, stop being a Hitler, and let me go to the Avril concert, you fucking cunt.

"Hitler was a sensitive man," Anal Cunt song
by Professor Truth Detector September 30, 2007
Hitler is one of the world's elite badasses. Hitler killed millions of jews and anyone else who pissed him off or didnt agree with him. Hitler's rank is placed highly along with Uncle Jesse and the Fonz for the fact that many people wish they could, like Hitler begin a genocide and not even care. Hitler then killed himself after dropping an A bomb on Japan which America claimed.

"Hitler is so cool, I wish I could see him in a room with Uncle Jesse and the Fonz."
by Jeffrulz October 30, 2006
a version of the dirty sanchz in which a person makes a hitler mustasche with the shit.
that girl was so german, i thought she would appreciate a hitler
by PITT mars December 03, 2006
the worst person in history, the devil himself and the most evil thing to ever live. a non-human heartless coward bitch who felt inadequate and needed to feel better and somehow deal with his menyal illness. Jealous of the Jewish people and how awesome they are!
hitler is fucking gay, he is in hell right now.
by Robin Norbi May 15, 2005
Your opponent in an argument. Usually used as deus ex machina (i.e., "cop-out" for the non-Latinists) to end the argument.
Person 1: "Women are better than men."

Person 2: "Wait a minute, what happened to the equality of the sexes argument? Aren't men and women both--"

Person 1: "Hitler was a man."

Person 2: "I lose."
by Fredrick Pilkington February 20, 2006
A fag who was against his OWN race...yeah Adolf Hitler was a jew. A man who unfortunatly had great leadership skills but killed for no reason. Murdered 6 Million jews. Not to mention 5 Million (some people say more) homosexuals, gypsies, handicapped etc. Innocent people. Believed that everyone should be in the aryan race (blonde hair, blue eyes, certain size of head, certain width between your eyes etc.) but had very cruel ways of achieving so. Was said to be One of the worst dictators in history. Till this day people who speak of hitler only speak of how he killed over 11million innocent people, with cruel and unusual ways. Getting shot for no reason, Gas chambers, starvation, freezing to death, living in tiny areas where you were meant to fit hundered of people knows as a ghetto. One of the reasons for the holocaust during the 1940's. In conclusion an evil, sick, frigid, asshole, bitch, fucker, man. And one of the biggest Anti-semite's in history. (sorry if i spelled Anti-semite's wrong)
"Hitler sucks ass."
by blobbb9333 August 29, 2007
A fag who didn't like circumcised dicks and had a stupid mustache.
hey you have a Hitler mustache.
by psyco alpha May 25, 2007

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