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1. The cure for the common man.

2. a profesisonal date doctor; a sefless individual who helps another man up his game. "Hit it and quit it" is not appropriate.
Note: past semi-pimp experience (in a more sincere and loyal way) is required to be designated as "Hitch."

3. Willing to put in the long hours, has the passion, the heart, the desire, the intensity and onions to get the job done.

4. One of Will Smith's movies.
"That guy, he's Hitch. If you want to sweep that girl off her feet, he'll give you the right broom."
by Ace n Hitman January 30, 2006
144 55
A hypocrite who is a bitch.
That girl is a freakin' hitch.
by Greyedout October 22, 2011
14 29
Hoe ass bitch
Look at that ugly Hitch!!!
by jenniejinx November 22, 2010
23 48
To thrust a sharp object, often a knife but possibly a #2 pencil or whatever else is handy, into another's flesh.
When my stepbrother hit my sister, I had to hitch that fag master.
by Prince of the Rodeo March 11, 2003
25 58
when you fuck up or trip. usually when you are drunk or high. you can also verbal hitch, when you mess up your words. if you hitch and someone calls you on it u gotta touch metal or whoever called it can hit you.
that was a huge hitch!!
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
35 70
A combination of the words he and bitch
We had to leave because Joe was being such a hitch!
by Tanner! November 17, 2007
20 58
to get on a dick, dildo, or whatever fits
she hitched a ride on my dick.
by collin z. March 08, 2009
31 72