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A devastating smack to your enemy that causes him extreme pain and likelihood to fumble the football.

Function: noun or verb
Etymology: Madden 2005
Catrina: How did you do on the Calculus exam?

Me: I hit sticked that exam. I didn't miss a single question.
by Delaware's Elite Seabastards October 07, 2004
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To give somebody a beating.

It's from Madden 2005. If you properly utilize the hit stick you can really lay a huge hit on the ball carrier. The term can also be used outside the game though.
Bill: You are such a tool. *walks away*
You: I swear to god. If he calls me that one more time I'm going hit stick him.
by Krados January 21, 2005
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Frequently commented on girls instagram posts, meaning to destroy the pussy.
The thirsty boys comment hitstick on the hotgirls instagram post.
by ghhogfseyuingds December 01, 2014
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