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A list of individuals that you want dead, to get the living shit beat out of them, and/ or to endure a slow and painful torture leaving evidable life lasting scars
That bitch is on my "hit list".
by *~!KiTTiE!~* December 04, 2003
a list of people who are hated so much that the person who owns the list wants to kill them. usually the list is short but some lists can incorperate THE WHOLE WORLD
#1 my brother
#2 _________(person i hate)
#3 _________(person i hate)
#7,000,000,000 (or some big # like that) the last person on my list:@
by DeMoNz ArE EvErYwHeRe December 02, 2003
People Who you hate, and put them in a list, AKA Shit List
I got 10 niggas in my hit list
by ac February 09, 2004
1) A list of people you want to shag

2)A list of sexual acts, each of which has a number of "points" attached to it. This is usually a list drawn up with a group of mates, and a competition ensues to see who can get the highest score. It's not usually a list of delightful acts to blissfully orgasm your way through, it's designed to be more of a test of endurance. For example, rimming someone over 2 and a half times your age would gain you 200 points, whereas performing full oral servicing on someone 2 and a half times your weight would net you 1000. There's usually a trophy act which involves all holes and someone smokin' hot but it's infinitely easier to nail the god awful stuff.
1) I just added Michael to my hit list, he's delicious.

2)K~ "Ok, I rimmed the 56 year old bloke. Chalk up my 200"

D~ "I made that weird kid cum in his trousers at the bar, which is 100, and tossed that footballer off under the table , which is another 150, so that's 250 for me!"

T~"Well, I gave that 30 stone woman full oral servicing, so I need 1000 points and some kind of super strength mouthwash"
by MagickDio April 27, 2010
A list one makes consisting of all the people they want to have sex with.
Guy 1: Yo mang, I just added that chick to my hitlist.

Guy 2: Damn, I want to kill her too.
by yoyomang December 27, 2009
Unlike most beliefs a hitlist is a private list you and your friend (or parent none of my business). Its a playful list that you wud make while walking through the hall in ur school basically telling who u wud be willing to hit or have sex with.
Random Person 1: Wow shes #1 on my hitlist
Random Person 2: Yea mine too Ill hit it first though.
by IMA PIKLE February 08, 2015
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