to be in a state or anger or dismay, to be in the act of being upset
quit throwin a hissy, ya little bitch.
by Nick Mason November 29, 2008
Top Definition
hysterical, funny, comical, amusing, dippy, outrageous, ridiculous, hissy is short for hysterical. hysterical--->hissy.
"were a pretty hissy group of kids!"
"that is the most hissy thing i have ever heard!"
"your fucking HISSY!"
"that was a pretty hissy night!"
"thats some pretty hissy stuff!'
by very hissy. February 17, 2011
the defination of hissy is funny,comical, humorous,hysterical, outrageous, LAWLZ! hissy is short for hysterical.
amacs is the hissyest person i have ever met!
by hissyest person you will ever February 14, 2011
To get drunk with one's sister.
Sisters getting drunk together.
Being crazy drunk with your sister.
Morgan and Amelia got super hissy last night.

Me and my sissy are hissy.

Don't you wish your sissy was hissy like me?
by parollium September 22, 2013
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