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The offspring of a Hispanic man/woman and an Asian man/woman. A rarity in modern society.
I suspect that the perfect hispasian would be the love child of Kim Jong-il and Penélope Cruz.
by Arizona Fruit Punch March 20, 2009
A person who is of both Asian and/or Hispanic descent or suspected of being so.
Cesar Millan is a Hispasian or at least suspected of being so.
by dream_team_of_mean July 22, 2008
Someone who is hispanic and asian. They usually look like chino's (asians who look hispanic or vice versa)
My friend is hispasian, she is puerto rican and fillipino.
by DAWNofTHErisingDINOSAURSrarw November 22, 2010
When your mother is asian and your father is a dirty mexican.
Dude, that whore you just fucked was a skanky hispasian!
by Wang Lung February 07, 2005
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