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A person of the hipster persuasion who takes up photography as a hobby to express his deep seeded hipster need to to be hip. Said hipstographer fancies him/herself an artiste, but is in fact two steps below an under-paid stock photographer.

This is debatably the most offensive of all photo-hobbyist types.

Antonyms: photographer, artist, creative person.
Synonyms: kid-in-Williamsburg-with-a-Holga-who-wears-really-tight-pants.

Alternatively: One who documents the hipster scene, takes Polariod (especially type 55) portraits of his hipster friends. Under this definition the hipstographer need not be a hipster himself.
Larry: Hey, check out my sweet new photos! I just got some 120 film back from the lab! I think I've found my calling!
Mo: Dude, you just bought that Holga last week at B&H. You're such a hipstographer.

Carl: The economy's such shit right now, I'm heading out to Williamsburg for a shoot, doing some TFP.
Roger: Since when did you become a hipstographer?
by Roflmfaololgtfo February 10, 2010
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