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This biggest and baddest hipster you know.

A hipster of epic proportions.
Holy shit, check out hipstersaurus rex! Looks like he just fell off the Mountain Goat's VW tour bus!
#hipster #hipstographer #hiptacular #dinosaur #mountain goats #hipster music #vw bus
by Roflmfaololgtfo February 10, 2010
Another name for the Brooklyn, NY neighborhood Williamsburg. Can also encompass areas of Bushwick.

The area is over-run with art school types who live in outrageously over-priced apartments that Mommy and Daddy pay for so that all extra cash can be spent at Urban Outfitters or other hipster paraphernalia merchants.
John: hey you wanna meet me for a drink near my apartment?
Alice: hell no man, you live in hipster heaven! I could be assaulted by a disgruntled Urban Outfitters employee!
#hipster #hipstersaurus rex #nyc #brooklyn #williamsburg #bushwick
by Roflmfaololgtfo February 10, 2010
A person of the hipster persuasion who takes up photography as a hobby to express his deep seeded hipster need to to be hip. Said hipstographer fancies him/herself an artiste, but is in fact two steps below an under-paid stock photographer.

This is debatably the most offensive of all photo-hobbyist types.

Antonyms: photographer, artist, creative person.
Synonyms: kid-in-Williamsburg-with-a-Holga-who-wears-really-tight-pants.

Alternatively: One who documents the hipster scene, takes Polariod (especially type 55) portraits of his hipster friends. Under this definition the hipstographer need not be a hipster himself.
Larry: Hey, check out my sweet new photos! I just got some 120 film back from the lab! I think I've found my calling!
Mo: Dude, you just bought that Holga last week at B&H. You're such a hipstographer.

Carl: The economy's such shit right now, I'm heading out to Williamsburg for a shoot, doing some TFP.
Roger: Since when did you become a hipstographer?
#hipster #photographer #holga #lomography #artist #artiste #williamsburg #nyc #brooklyn #art school #art fag
by Roflmfaololgtfo February 10, 2010
Abbreviation of "nah, nah, nigga". Allowing someone to know that in fact, they have it all wrong. While its meaning shifts based on the context, it is generally used as a retort following an incorrect statement, especially one made in jest.
Arthur: Man, what happened to rap after The Chronic? All downhill.
Lester: NNN, it's all good, Dre's still got it!

Rupert: Yo Leroy why was you actin like some kinda jive turkey at da club?
Leroy: NNN dat shit was on pointe. Bes respek.
#nah nah nigga #gtfo #jive turkey #na na nigga #nfw
by Roflmfaololgtfo February 10, 2010
All weathermen/women who regularly insist that a snowpocalypse or other weather disaster is imminent and cause the local media to harp on it non stop for days only to be completely and unequivocally wrong.

An untrustworthy meteorologist.
Those damn wolf-crying weathermen are at it again! It'll just be another snowpoceclipse.
#weathermen #weatherwomen #snowpocalypse #snowpoceclipse #cry wolf
by Roflmfaololgtfo February 10, 2010
Origin: Early-mid 2000s, the glory days of the social glutton-working site MySpace.com. Clicking "View more pics" on a user's profile allows the viewer to access more images of said user.

Meaning: A desire to see more images or acquire more information about a person, place or thing, preferably used as an exclamation and motivated by morbid curiosity or sexual desire. Intended to preface a moment of utter hilarity, shock, or awe.
Becky: Omg, check out Raould's new gf on facebook!
Stephanie: Lmfao! View more pics!

Jesus: Dude, I just got a message from this super-hot chick MaryM on OkCupid.
Raould: Fuck that, she's busted, I hooked up with her last year, remember?
Jesus: Nah man, she lost like 30 pounds on Nurtrisystem.
Raould: Gtfo! View more pics!!
#viewmorepicsing #viewmorepixing #viewmorepixed #viewmorepics #myspace #facebook #social networking #social whore-working
by Roflmfaololgtfo February 10, 2010
a term of endearment for the 24 hour restaurant and bar French Roast in Manhattan.

Also applies to the activity of visiting this restaurant frequently; 'froasting'.
girl 1: hey let's meet up at Froast for a drink!
girl 2: dude, I'm all froasted out from last week.
#froasting #froasted #french restaurant #nyc #froastacular
by Roflmfaololgtfo February 10, 2010
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