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A venue where one can venture to conduct many activities. The most notable are hunt the grunt, yeti spotting, alabama sledgehammering, shit-nugget dodging, spaghetti legging, cincinatti bow-tie-ing, generally sweating, drinking and fighting. Basically all things good in life.
Hippy Club Bouncer: How much have you had to drink?
Patron 1: 15 beers
Bouncer: Sorry, no entering the Hippy Club tonight.
(parton one leaves, terribly disappointed)
Bouncer: How much have you had to drink?
Patron 2: Ahh... 3 beers
Bouncer: OK, in you go
Patron 2: Yeeessssss! Time to hunt the grunt and get me a cincinatti bow-tie!
by Heratio5 February 18, 2010
1 Word related to Hippy Club
A place you go to hunt the grunt
Alistair: Hey Andrew, are you going to go to the Hippy Club tonight?

Andrew: Yeeees. I'm going to take my shot gun
by Slopy February 18, 2010

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