A hippie who adopts personal philosophies that aren't theirs. They smoke dope, and look down upon others who are high on life. Usually, they are very interesting and have a carefree spirit when they are young, but just grow cynical and disillusioned by their mid twenties. they hang out with older hippie-crits, and adopt their political ideology. They tend to be cynical and sell out long time friends. They tend to be atheists by nature, because of the piss poor hand that they were dealt, and date fat chicks who whip them. Their political ideology comes from the liberal news media, and is reinforced on a daily basis by comedy news programs. Usually, a Hippie-crit has a shitty job (like telemarketing, because they went to an art school), and generally hates life, and has no future or plans in sight. They excel at sucking, and nothing else. They will talk an endless amount of trash about other people. They have absolutely NO clue. They are whipped by their obese girlfriends. Their pot smoking makes them neutral and pathetic. They, in some circumstances, think that they are the sharpest tool in the shed, but everyone else just realizes that they are just the biggest. They dislike sports, and anything normal. They want to live a bohemian artist lifestyle in New York, spend an egregious amount of money on a shittier than shitty apartment in Brooklyn, and just generally are triumphant in wanting others to not have any liberties. They dislike aesthetics because they eschew material goods that they cannot obtain, due to their suckage at life. They are often stupid music snobs. Often times, their well to do parents do not want to have a lot to do with them. They are fucking clown shoes.
Look at that Hippie-crit, he sold out his longtime boy, hates life, is absolutely pathetic when he is smoking that bong and produces a whimper of a cough. He takes an endless and unbelieveable amount of crap from his girlfriend, who has pretentions of being an artist. He is practically useless. DAS GUY is fucking clown shoes in that get up!
by J.Joseph B. February 13, 2009
A child of the 1960's who believes in the minimalist lifestyle but still wants all of their modern conveniences.
A hippiecrit parked his Hummer with a peace symbol on the rear bumper at the clubhouse of a gated community for an NRA meeting.
by 1Viking April 13, 2009
One who dresses, acts, smells and lives like a hippie. Telling other people how they need to change their ways because of what they are doing to the planet, animals, other human beings or some other cause while being easily offended. In the meantime they do not live according to their beliefs or contribute to the same things they claim you are doing wrong.
Bob tells me i shouldn't eat meat or drink milk because they are bad for me and animals suffer because of my actions. In the mean time he wears a leather jacket and smokes cigarettes and pot. He is such a hippiecrit!
by TMoneyShot August 13, 2007
People who smoke cannabis but refuse to act for cannabis law reform.
People who would rather see the law remain intact to keep somebody who's only criminal offence is getting caught stoned down in the gutter where he belongs.
The only effect prohibition has had for these people is high prices for getting high.
by generic_hippie February 24, 2005
hip-ee-krit noun

1. A jam band listening, acid dropping hippie who shit talks edm even though they themselves used to, or still do, listen to electronic music.

2. A hippie who is a total dick/bitch and or poser towards any other non hippies which goes against the peace and love mentality of a true hippie.
-"Some douche said Bassnectar is garbage and needs to learn to play real instruments like Umphreys."
-"He went to a Bassnectar show 5 months ago! What a hippie-crit!"

-"This hippie-crit totally mean mugged me after I asked them if I could borrow a bowl"
by SL33V3L3SS January 23, 2013
The hippiecrit has lots of kids and tries to avoid "The system", and demands a "Vegan meal" at gatherings, but has been spotted enjoying a fast food burger out of town. S/he has no visible means of income but flies to Bali for the winter after receiving proceeds as a "provider" in the medical marijuana program. This person often drives a 1970's dented smog spewing car while espousing how we all need to "reduce our carbon footprint". Often can be found playing bluegrass music with a fifth of hard liquor at hand while howling at the moon....Beware-it may be catching.
If eating Tempeh, drinking Absinthe and playing Bill Monroe makes sense you might be a hippiecrit...
by bigfoot faithful April 05, 2008
a parent who does/has done drugs and wont allow their kids to do the same. therefore being a hippie and a hipocrit.
1: My dad smokes so much pot and he wont let me do it!
2: what a hippiecrit.
by tasen June 21, 2007
One who parades as a hippie for the cultural ties and glamour, but is actually employed. And often does not smell of patchouli or other herbs.
A hippiecrit is one of those people you know who can afford to buy the "eco-friendly" brands of everything now being pumped into the market by capitalists parading as socialists (new term soon to follow.)
by Arrowgeune May 13, 2009

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