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One half Hippy, one half Hillbilly. From the hills of Southeast Kansas, High energy accoustic music, slightly warped kind of bluegrass.
Them Hipbilly's ain't from around here!
by Hipbilly Dixie November 04, 2010
2. (noun) A combination of "hipster" and "hillbilly" as most characterized by people living in Austin, TX. Examples of hipbilly characteristics might include neck tattoos or a general Lorenzo Lamas (circa "Renegade") style appearance.

3. (adjective) Used in the description of a place where hipbillies live, frequent or have otherwise manifested as their own.
It's difficult to judge downtown Austin @ 930am on a Saturday, but if I had to coin a term I'd go with "hipbilly".
by Whodang April 23, 2011