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Definition: used as a freindly greeting.

Origin: corruption of "hi".
"Hey dude!"
by Alf Msuthav June 14, 2004
a term used to add enthasis to a innuendo or a silly or dirty act. in doing so the statement or act is now branded

p.s remember to use responsibly
" wow thats one massive carrot you've got there"
then you may follow the previous statement with a 'Hio!'
by Mace jimbu June 01, 2010
Verb. Saying hello in a more 'happy' way. Preferably played at high volume.
I've got nothing. Rami just has fat fingers and hit the i and o keys.
by [sT]Crew March 23, 2004
Hug it out. Originated from US television show, The Office.
Michael Scott: You can HIO, bitch.
by carlaaaaaaaa February 20, 2010
Having Intercourse Outside
Dickey went to his wife Lafaunda and sensually suggested that the "HIO".
by kennykiller June 30, 2009
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