Hindus are named by Arabs who used to mispronounce "Sindh" (the Aryan river) as "Hind". According to Hindus, Hindusim is the World's oldest religion as there are no historical proof of establishment. Due to this reason many Hindu scholars consider them as the followers of ''Sanatan Dharma'' instead of "Hindusim".

Hindus believe that there are 1 lakh 33 thousands Gods and Goddess as described in the Novels by Vyasa and Valmiki.

Hindus also worship sex-organs of their Gods and Goddess like Penis of lord Shiva which is called "Shivalinga". Many Hindu temples like temple of "Khajuharo" in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and other in South India have sculptures depicting Group-sex of Gods and Goddess which forms the "Kamasutra". Most of the Hindus are found in India, Bangladesh and Fiji.
Mohan Bhagwat is a Hindu or followers of Hinduism while Nitish Kumar is a follower of Santan dharma.
by Proud Indian January 16, 2014
A person who squats on a hole in the floor toilet to take a dump and then wipes his ass with the fingers of the left hand while he pours water on his ass with a glass held in the right hand.
Hindu mom after immigrating to the US: Son, why are you wasting money buying toilet paper? Why dont you use your fingers like all of us Hindus?

American mom: Son, please don't eat breakfast at that Patel run hotel where the cooks clean their asses with their fingers after dipping them in water.
by Suresh Patil May 20, 2011
On Ganesh festival in whole India, especially coastal Maharashtra million tones of idols of obese hindu lord ganesh are ceremoniously thrown into rivers Arabian sea. Idols are made of calcium carbonate silica compounds causing great threat to life of organisms fishes causing destruction avoidable pollution reduction in Biological Oxygen Demand BOD. Hindus are continuing with their foolish religious practices ganesh was mythological god son of ascetic Shiva, was beheaded by his Father lord Shiva when he (Ganesh) stopped father (shiva) from approaching his mother parvati who was taking her bath..-During whole night of diwali festival in October each every Hindu blast trillion tones of Crackers small bombs chanting‘BOMB BOMB BOLAY’ at rooftops of houses poisonous hydrocarbons into air frightening animals birds noise pollution Scientists say cow dung passing gas belches as source of major main green house gas -methane into air causing global warming. However Hindus foolishly claim cow as flawless pious mother, drink its urine neglecting other milk giving animals.-During festival holi hindus throw color powder on each others everyone going in streets even forcibly in shameless uncivilized manner. Several tones of artificial powder colors made of harmful prohibited chemicals go down into drains sever causing soil water pollution besides waste of millions of money. It is sheer irony of situation that at this time 35 percent of hindu in India are living below poverty line.
HINDU-polluting rivers, air and surroundings
During Ganesh
by mark anthonydude October 11, 2009
Bastardiation of the pluram form of Hindu (Hindu's.)
Judaism is about 3500-4000 years old. Hinduism ain't that old. Anyone who thinks that is a moron.
by Myajd jdg August 03, 2005
a paper duck. it looks like a rubber duck.
A paper duck that looks like a rubber duck. a hindu
by argok20 May 27, 2008
Oldest religion on earth, and quite possibly the most primitive, most of whoms followers follow the ancient technique or idol worship and urine bathing to shun away evil spirits. Devout followers refrain from modern hygiene products, including deoderants, colognes, etc.
"Namaste brother"

"damn that hindu stinks"
by Thip thip thaw August 10, 2008
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