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A small little backwater town on the water where fun must be found, not bought.
"Man, its like so totally borring in Hilo"
by Dedalus April 29, 2004
69 36
A fucking awesome place to live as in Hawaii on the BIG ISLAND. yes it is awesome don't you wish you could live there?

Amazing little town 45 minutes away from Volcano another majorly cool town...
So I like visited Hilo and hella want to go back.
by The Little Freak October 05, 2008
58 26
An informal way of saying Hello. A mixture of "Hi", and "Hello".
Hey Jack!
Hilo Danielle! How's it going?
by Russewnadian January 13, 2010
18 11
playing Halo on X-Box, preferably on X-Box Live, after smoking marijuana or sometimes under the influence of other drugs.
I just smoked, and I think I'm just going to roll back to my place and play some Hilo.
by BOBMARLEYDISCIPLE September 20, 2009
4 8
literally translates to "pussy man" in cantonese. one who acts like a prick, girl, shithead, dumbass, etc. or simply anyone that doesn't understand what "hilo" means.
sup hilo?

what'd jo0 just call me?

pussy man. you gotta problem wif dat?
by jules December 28, 2005
47 51
Hi plus Hello equals Hilo
Jenifer:hey amy wats up
Amy: hilo nothin much you?
Jenifer: same here
by Stphaine August 02, 2005
25 31
a retarded way to say hi
Cameron: Hilo!
by duuifn October 14, 2009
8 15