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Non-residents of DC who come for a summer internship and think (quite incorrectly) that they are plugged into the hotbed of the political scene.

They love to talk politics with an dismissive and authoritative tone - as if they are some powerplayer, just because their congressman talked to them (or just groped them in a supply closet). They often refer to their congressman to other people by his/her first name (like they're best friends)

In actuality, these corn-fed midwestern kiddies lick envelopes and collate mass mailings for less than minimum wage, but they strut around Capitol Hill in hand-me-down "church clothes" like they're a Kennedy.

It's truly painful when they "discover" a neighborhood or bar/club and try to recommend it to a local as if it didn't exist until that over-glorified tourist lays eyes on it.

A Hillite could be considered closely related to the bridge and tunnel crowd in NYC
"Can you believe that this Hillite tried tell me about this awesome bar on 14th St called the 'Black Cat'. I had to stop them when they tried to give me directions. They also tried to tell about this band named 'Fugazi"
by the Commander Steve January 20, 2010
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