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Something that is so funny that it's hilarity cannot even be contained by the correct spelling of the word hilarious thus it becomes hilatious.
Me; Did you read that joke about JP's face?
Kelli: haha yeah, that was really Hilatious
by lmnade February 13, 2011
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A word used to describe something funny or hot
That joke you told back there was fucking Hilatious
Yo, did you see that girls ass? That thing is Hilishus
by Solly Somarstein January 22, 2006
the term used to describe a more-than-comical situation; used to describe an event which renders the participants in a constant state of laughter or joy
That movie was so hilatious I nearly died of suffocation because I was laughing so much!
by Ty & Lauren October 09, 2008

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