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Typical Hawaiin name. means love to eat. She is known to have a huge booty. she make the kardashians jealous since the buttox quoted by astronauts, "is out of this world". Her plum bum holds its own gravitational pull. Pulling the eyes of both girls and boys that pass by. Her body typically is also a causing lead for spontaneous tourretes as boys scream DAMN!

Her physical features are passed beyond the amazement of bystanders when the music plays as Hiipualeiaala tend to shake it like Saturday fever lacking some of that Bieber fever.
bob- "hey you hear of Hiipualeiaala butt"
john- "I WOULD LOVE TO F...eature her booty on the big screen"
bob- "i would too...but it wouldn't fit!"
by Phillip Bellshire September 04, 2011
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