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Cid Highwind, one of the coolest FF7 characters.

Name of Cid's level 4 Limit Break. Cid calls on the Highwind for assistance. The ship's crew answers by unleashing a huge salvo against the opposition. This a great attack against a single enemy or a huge group. Each missile causes several thousand points of damage to most enemies, plus the total damage is cumulative.
Cid: Shut up! Sit your ass down in that chair! And drink your goddamn TEA!!!

Highwind is very effective in the fight against Emerald WEAPON.
by Master Tonberry December 08, 2004
Also known as Badwind, Highwind is an extremely terrible guild on the realm Frostmane in the game World of Warcraft. One reason why they are so bad is because of Drexxler, they did not give him his DKP.
OMG did u hear Drexxler's back to get his revenge on Highwind (aka Badwind), he ninja'ed Domo's chest!
by Drexxler September 10, 2006

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