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Also known as Badwind, Highwind is an extremely terrible guild on the realm Frostmane in the game World of Warcraft. One reason why they are so bad is because of Drexxler, they did not give him his DKP.
OMG did u hear Drexxler's back to get his revenge on Highwind (aka Badwind), he ninja'ed Domo's chest!
by Drexxler September 10, 2006
The guild from Frostmane who banished the allmighty Drexxler in between dimensions. But the 7 crystal shards have been reunited, and Drexxler has come to take his throne on Frostmane. Blood Vortex is one of the factions against the Drexxler movement, and will be destroyed under the hand of Drexxler.
Did you hear, Drexxler has returned to unleash his fury against Blood Vortex!
by Drexxler September 10, 2006

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