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The nephew of the drunk dial, a high text is usually composed during those that initial euphoric phase of being high. Typically a positive, upbeat or funny message, the high text can also be incredibly insightful. However, when discovered the next morning in the "Sent Texts" folder, the text will often not seem like such a great idea, after all.
9:36pm, Tuesday evening: (Text) "Dude, remember that nite we snuck out to the lake and just sat smoking cigarettes and talking for hours? Ahh man, that summer was so rad. I miss you brosef."

8:32am, Wednesday morning after he realizes he sent a high text last night and he reads his outgoing messages: (Texter's mind) "Dammit. That was freakin' gay."
by heyhobobbyjoe June 15, 2010
When you get bombarded with an array of stupid texts from that stoner buddy of yours.
Kenzie: LOLOLOL. Lets send Becky Hightexts!

Caitlin: Is this too creepy?? Aahahaa.

Kenzie: NO. Its a hightext. Calm down.

-At Becky's House- Text recieved from Caitlin. "becky. My hands are cold. HAHAH. LOLOL. LMFAO."

Becky: Yes. -Smh-
by GoodCallGirls November 11, 2011
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