Is like the Catholic Purgatory, in that people holier-than-thou beat you over the head (with textbooks rather than maces) and after suffering through this for a set period of time, you eventually are permitted to pass through the Pearly Gates when the Principal hands you the diploma. Of course, there is also the possibility of going to Hell by dropping out. But, no worries-- all high school affects is the fate of your immortal soul.
Parent-- "What did your English teacher assign for homework?"

Teenager-- "Dante. Pure torture."

Parent-- "Well, it might SEEM like Hell now, but don't worry-- it'll make you a better person. You can even use that when you send in college applications."

And then you wonder if you'll make it to college, or if your obituary will read 'cause of death: high school.'
High School is the place you go when you'r too bad for heavan and too good for hell.
by HarrsGirl May 12, 2009
You will actually have to study for Honors/Pre-AP/AP classes. You will most likely forget about your friends, family and love life, and will exist for the sole purpose of reaching a 4.5 GPA and studying for the impending SATs. You may experience unexplainable weight loss, paleness, and passing out randomly in class. The only free time you have will be spent crying and listening to sad music while reviewing notes for the 90th time to get a 78 on your AP chemistry test. Average sleep hours=2.5 per school night, 5=per week day.

High school kids stay awake by mixing energy drinks, coffee, cigarettes, and vitamin C supplements in a blender, then shutting their eyes and drinking it. They tend to drink about 5 a day.

Students are taught to "think for themselves" AKA conform to the people (usually idiots) around them . Most conform. Some don't and end up living poor because society rejects them. A few clever ones keep up their grades and bullshit through high school while at the same time harboring their individuality inside. These will probably survive/enjoy life and not end up

a. poor

b. dead

c. hating their stupid kids, spouse, job, and life.

Teachers don't give a fuck about anyone and usually spend their time playing computer games and getting pissy when you need to ask them a question. Gym teachers are fat, and whip you like dominatrixes to run the damn mile.

Good luck in high school...see you on the other side...
Me: I'm a sophomore in high school as of August 2011. Help me.
Fellow Goth kid: I feel you.

Dude: I though this was gym, not a BDSM crash course!
by Aceywantsyoursoul October 14, 2011
No im pretty sure High School is the place where anarchist punks bitch about nothing and listen to crappy music like everyone else said, not this dick above me.
Fuck the corporations man, they only provide the hoodies i wear, cigarettes i smoke, alcohol i drink, and cameras i videotape all my gay skateboarding tricks on. I'm gonna go bitch about it in High School.
by jake32234 December 16, 2005
1) Hell with fluorescent lighting

2) A seemingly innocent government sponsored indoctrination center where teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 go to be stripped of their individuality (partly by peers) and turned into an obedient, soul-dead conformist member of the American consumer race. High school is not the best years of your life, it's the hardest, where you're expected to act like an adult but are still a kid. It is a place where exhibiting free thought can get you in trouble. Chances are you won't use 90% of what you learn there. History class is somewhat interesting, and my English teacher is pretty good, but that's about me and not the majority. You're gonna get some teachers you like, and some that you hate. You're judged by what you wear, what music you listen to, etc. The cynics listen to grunge, the stoners listen to stoner metal, reggae, and metal, the preps listen to mostly top 40 crap, the "scary guys" listen to metal, the goths listen to Marilyn Manson, the gangsters listen to rap, the punks and skinheads listen to punk, the "normals" (people who don't fall into a category, like me) listen to pretty much anything. and the hipsters listen to that band you've never heard of. A very superficial place.
You can still keep your individuality in high school, just don't be afraid to get in trouble. Don't blindly follow everything, and assume nothing to be truth. Question authority when you need to. Draw in class, listen to as much hardcore punk and metal as you can, draw the anarchy symbol on shit (at my school it pisses the teachers off,) but still be nice to people, cuz u want them to back u up if you get caught. Don't let individuality die!!! This is the fucking government telling you how to think! Don't ever forget that.
by Bill_Hicks_Is_God January 14, 2012
Protips to the future freshmen out there: Stick with your friends. Get a huge group of your familiars going and talk with your friends as much as possible.

Now, study your ass off and make sure to pick the right electives. Socialize, stay clean and yeah.

Finally, you've made it to 10th! 9th was surely a hellhole of a year huh? Well then, 10th won't be as dramatic. Make sure to get your Liscence and keep on top with your grades.

Hm, 10th wasn't so bad huh? Welcome to 11th. Enjoy your leisure time? Not anymore, because now you have to work twice as hard!

12th now huh dude? Yeah, you've passed 11th legit! I'm proud of you dude, 12 is a blast. No more hard work! Well you still have to do some work but still.
High School sucks unless you have friends and finding the right group can be a pain in the ass.
by Douchebag82 November 10, 2011
High School is an utterly useless step in life that just gets us from eigth grade to college. There is absolutely no point to it, except to torture teenagers.
Most kids learn absolutely nothing new in high school. It just gets them to college.
by iwishiwasincollegealready! February 24, 2010

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