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getting stiffed.
man I got the high hard one on that rice grinder
by mooseknuckles November 12, 2002
11 22
A stock expression from the vocabulary of baseball slang. The 'high hard one' is a fastball pitch delivered high in or above the strike zone - an intimidating pitch because of its speed and proximity to the batter's face and head. By extension, anything frightening or painful.
"I'm through playing around now. Let's see how he likes the high hard one."
by Paul_B July 13, 2006
55 16
a big fat cock
getting stiffed (by a big fat stiffy)
I moan with pleasure when I’m gettin’ the high hard one!
by lick a lotta spokes November 15, 2004
50 29
A big erect dick.
I ought to be home right now giving her the HIGH HARD ONE.
by Low Class Loser July 10, 2008
30 20
phrase. Ice hockey term for a fast rising slap-shot. Also a sexual euphemism.

Hey Michelle! Here comes a high hard one. Get your trapper ready and keep your five-hole closed.
by gnostic1 July 12, 2012
8 2
To completely disregard a meeting with a friend, family member, or co-worker intentionally and without remorse.
Well, he was supposed to be here an hour ago; I guess he threw us the high hard one!
by Nurseryman February 16, 2008
3 19