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A place that nobody appreciates until after they leave. They get into the real world and they realize what a breeze it really was. Too many teenagers are way too busy complaining about high school and not enjoying it while it lasts.

Friends, crushes, love, cool teachers, lunch, changing classes, math class, guidance counselers, band, pep rallies, football games, field trips, biology, Mr. Godley,
heavy books, our lunch bench, the field, the library, the hangout behind building 11, the building 6 bathroom we used to skip in, goofing off, and that cool hippie kid named Dan who carried around his guitar. I loved every minute of it.

Looking back on it now, I'd give anything to go back to high school for a day. It was the greatest time of my life.
Enjoy high school, before you know it, it'll be long gone.
by MarmaladeSkies September 06, 2009
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Where the kids under the age of 18 get all their Drugs.
High School is the tobacco store for <18
by ~Nukey~ September 01, 2010
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School for gettin' high!
Junior high really only preps you for gettin' high. High school is where you truly end up meeting the people you need to know to learn how to get positively Blizzitzed!
"you goin' to school, fool?"
"yeah, bro'...we gettin' high as a mofo today, feel me?!"
"Hell yeah, now I know why we call it High School, yo, bwahahahahahaha!
by MackGee October 17, 2008
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If u searched this because ur going into high school from middle school, chill out, high school is fucking heaven compared to middle school, stock up on sweat pants and sweat shirts, and money for soda. for school supplies only buy like two 1 inch binders for all ur classes because the lockers rairly work, so ur gonna be carying ur stuff around every where. try to photo copy text book pages the night before so u can do them in study hall without having to bring ur hole text book to school. suck up to the teachers, but not in an anoying way, and only the first half of the year. this way they will have a good impression on u and will only give u an f if u really actually deserve it. food is key trust me its worth it too wait in the long ass lines for the fries, they make it better. dont join a group hang out with everyone. and just bring nu gym clothes everyday because all it takes is one night in the locker room to smell like ass. there are my words of wisdom for u amazing children that have made it through middle school, im sorry for the loses u may have had there, and try to erase it from ur memory, dont worry it only gets better from here and GET THE MOST SLEEP YOU CAN or its gonna suck getting up in the morning, i know its "not cool" to go to bed at 7 or 8 but its so fucking worth it
"Dude High School is such a bitch"
"Just get through it, and if u can drop out when ur 16"
by ktaker October 12, 2009
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a four-year institution where one preps for collegiate life and experiments.
High School was eh.
No it was really good!
by Ben1234567 March 23, 2006
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1. Some dumbass european is saying shit about American high schools. I've been in both, and I can say that they both have the same levels. I've been around public high schools in both the US and Europe and they are average. Not an excellent education. I've been in private European and North American high schools (prep school) and they were both excellent.

2. These are not the best 4 years of your life, but they are a great four years. I'm in my junior year and I'm having a great time. It's not such a "prison" where "the staff hates you". They are just teachers. Yeah, there is a lot of drama, but its not horrible. It keeps things fun.

CONCLUSION: So yeah, stop bitchin about high school... You're probably all depressed emos.
High School Person nº1: I can't believe she left me...

High School Person nº2: Forget about it, let's go to that party!

High School Person nº1: Sure
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A place you don't appreciate until after you've graduated.
What I'd give to go back to my high school days...
by Mike the Ekim August 08, 2008
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