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A high-fructose corn syrup father is the politically correct version of a (finger quote) "Sugar Daddy". The high-fructose corn syrup father is in many ways superior to that of a sugar daddy. One of the most defining differences is the FACT that cane sugar is a more expensive food and beverage additive that can be easily substituted for the less-expensive high-fructose corn syrup food and beverage additive, while retaining the desired effect of sweetening. Thus, a high-fructose corn syrup father is more cost-efficient, it produces a higher profit margin.
Ugly friend: Hey, Anna Nicole, how come you are hooking up with Howard Marshall, who is 63 years your senior?
Gold-digging prostitute: cuz i want him to be my High Fructose Corn Syrup Father. gargle gargle
by JeffJonezZz July 31, 2009
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