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When you poop standing-up.
That toilet in the gas-station restroom was so gross I had to High Dive.
by Borat Obomba October 15, 2011
The skill of pulling your johnson all the way out of your partner's hole, and in one motion jamming it home again. Best used in the CORN HOLE technique, but can be very dangerous.
Right when she was about to cum, I busted out a High Dive and that's where I got this scratch marks from.
by John Boy December 23, 2003
A body shot where a male achieves an erection, places a shot of alcohol on the tip of his penis and launches it into the mouth of the recipient of the shot.
chick - "Hey wanna do body shots?"

dude- "I have a better idea, have you ever heard of a High Dive?"

chick- "What's that?"

dude- "I'll show you..."
by paleraven7351 January 12, 2012
To punch someone in the face

A tall gangly person who likes to punch friends in the face, and has no regard for punctuality.
Sitting at the bar, James turned to the guy sitting next to him and highdived him, the man crumpling to the ground like a sack of wet cement.
by 9GreyEyes September 07, 2009
When your so high you accidently inhale the water out of your bong.
I was so spaced i took a high-dive.
by Psychoticbard March 12, 2010
getting a run at a chick before droping it in her ass...
yeah i dove off that high dive last night.
by pooper McPooper September 16, 2003
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